Who is Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch?
What products does Indoff provide?
What services does Indoff provide?
How to do business with Indoff?
How much does Indoff charge for its' services?
How can I see what is available from Indoff?
Why don't  I see prices on your site?
Why use Indoff as your commercial furnishings supplier?
How to contact Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch?

Who is Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch?

Indoff (Industry and Office)- Silicon Valley Branch, is a full service commercial interiors and material handling dealer for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and California.  Our corporate headquarters is in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Indoff has about 400 representatives in the USA, Mexico and Canada.  Indoff’s total sales exceed $ 100,000,000.

What products does Indoff provide?

Indoff provides commercial quality interior and exterior products including:
     •  Business furniture,
     •  building products,
     •  outdoor furnishings,
     •  white board paint and sound absorbing coatings
     •  and accessories

What services does Indoff provide?

All the services associated with commercial grade products including:
     •  office, facility and plant layout,
     •  on-site measurements,
     •  product sourcing,
     •  project coordination,
     •  freight & delivery,
     •  installation and
     •  post-installation warranty assistance.

How to do business with Indoff?

Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch has a local office in San Jose from which we provide our services.  Like architects and interior designers, we do not have a private showroom.  We use manufacturers, local showrooms and customer installations to show specific products.

If you know exactly what you want…

(manufacturer, part numbers, finishes, materials), just give us a call and we will provide a quote to supply, deliver & assemble/install the items.

If you don’t know exactly what you want…

we will either meet with you in person or discuss your needs by phone, to get a general understanding of your circumstance and desires.  It would be helpful if you had photos of styles that appeal to you and your vision of what you are looking for.

How much does Indoff charge for services?

We do not charge for our initial visit unless it is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.  If we need to travel to your location, our charge is for travel only, at cost.

Depending on the scope of the services and the products you need, we may either…
     •  recommend an interior design specialist or
     •  do a project management plan at a fixed rate to:
o measure a facility,
o create layouts and design alternatives,
o research/source items,
o create a concept plan (samples of materials, colors, drawings),
o order items,
o coordinate delivery and
o schedule/manage installation.

Modest projects are usually done without a project management plan and there is no separate charge for basic planning, sourcing, and installation.

How can I see what is available from Indoff?

We have created a special website for your free use that provides a custom search for products available from Indoff.  Visit SearchIndoff

Focused on the 700+ manufacturers we represent, you enter a search (the more specific the better), and you instantly see 100s of options, both images and traditional web links.  View Indoff Manufacturers

When you search using SeachIndoff, you confidently know that your search results are both commercial quality and available from Indoff.  Bear in mind that fabrics, colors, and finishes vary greatly and most furniture is available in a wide range of options.  So if you see a style you like, we will likely be able to finish it to meet your needs.

Why don’t I see prices on your site?

Unlike web sites that sell specific items that are pre-built and very limited in fabric and color choices, Indoff’s suppliers provide many options that require personal pricing.  For example, a simple task chair may include options such as:

     •  caster choices,
     •  cylinder height choices,
     •  seat feature options,
     •  seat width and depth options,
     •  back size options,
     •  headrests,
     •  fabric pattern/color/cleaning options,
     •  arm and arm rest options. 

And each of these options comes at different prices based on the precise features required by you or your staff (for example, petite or big & tall).

And this is for a single chair.  Multiply that times the number of manufacturers we represent and the number of products we represent, you can understand why this is often called “contract” furniture - because a collection of furnishings for a single project is sometimes written as a total “contract”.

So please be patient as we ask questions and make suggestions.  We are simply trying to match your needs and budget to what is available. 
Very often we will exceed your expectations because we have many more resources than the majority of other suppliers who rely on limited sources or warehouse offerings only.

Why use Indoff as your commercial furnishings supplier?

You get our expertise:

We are a single resource for your needs.  We know furnishings.  We know layout.  We know project management.  We know trusted manufacturers. 
We listen carefully to your requirements.  We personally do on-site measurements.  Our representatives actually do the job of entering each order to the manufacturer. 

And we can assure you, we are very careful and diligent to make sure we get it right - the first time.  And if there is any problem prior to or during the installation (for example, a part has freight damage), we correct the problem fast and you ultimately get exactly what is expected.

You get access to great manufacturers:

Our significant relationships with many manufacturers and our quick pay policy make manufacturers appreciate and trust Indoff as a valued dealer.

You get very competitive project pricing:

We are rewarded with excellent manufacturer’s discounts that ultimately get passed on to you.  Our low overhead means savings for you.
Excellent Service based on a zeal for what we do.

And most important, our sales representatives want to be of service to you.  No one at corporate headquarters is pushing us to do specific things.  Indoff empowers their representatives to be ambassadors of service with years of experience to solve problems, come up with innovative options that result in very satisfied customers. 

We are essentially your outside resource for your office furnishing needs, your remodel, your relocation, your challenge to get more staff into an existing space, your “expert” who thinks of things before you even know you might need it.

How do I contact you?

Call us is the fastest way.  (408.656.1709 or 408.614.1720)  Unless we are out with a client, we personally answer the phone.  Any many of us have text message phone services.  Visit Contact Us

Or fill out an on-line contact forms.  Your message goes right to our email in box.  We’ll get back to you promptly.

Office - Business Furniture

Having productivity and profitability in mind, Indoff-Silicon Valley works very hard to meet the changing needs of the diverse workforce. 

You get office systems, interiors and equipment that use the latest technologies that are easy, intuitive, and user friendly.

Design factors include sound levels, light intensity, ergonomics, and worker collaboration/communication.  Plus the designs provided align with your desired image, to both employees and customers.
Office Furniture San Jose

Building Products

•  High Density Mobile Storage Systems, Filing & Storage >  Save space
•  Built-in safes, fireproof cabinets >  Safeguard valuables
•  Signage & Identification Devices > Guide employees, self-direction,
•  Sound Masking Systems > Avoid employee distractions, private
    conversations stay private 
•  And much more
0109 - Filing and Storage - High Density Mobile Storage System
High Density Mobile Storage System with Wood End Panels
0055 - Outdoor Furniture - San Jose - San Francisco Bay Area

Outdoor Furniture & Products

•  Lockers & Bike Storage >  Safeguard employee’s property &
    save space
•  Built-in safes, fireproof cabinets >  Safeguard valuables
•  School Equipment & Supplies, Auditorium Seating > Multi-purpose,
    comfortable, great line-of-site
•  Stacking Furniture > Space saving storage expands to outdoor  seating
  And much more…


•  Corporate >  Commercial Interior Solutions for High Technology, Law
    & Accounting Firms, Finance, Biotechnology, and Manufacturing
•  Education >  University and K-12 Interiors, Libraries, Labs & Classroom
•  Government > Custom Filing Solutions, Courtroom Seating, Court
    Records, Library System & Equipment, Police & Fire Protection
•  Healthcare > Reception Seating, Lab Chairs, Lab Furniture, HCAHPS
•  And much more…
0083 - Corporate Interiors - Systems Furniture - Business Expertise
Accessories - Adjustable Keyboard Systems - Monitor Holders


•  Adjustable Keyboard System >  Promoting a healthy, ergonomic work
•  Task Lighting >  Energy Saving, focused work lights
•  Room Dividers > Creating new space zones without walls
•  Wall Art > Inspirational and decorative pictures & art
•  Office Accessories > Desk & Desk Accessories, Waste Baskets, Sorters
•  And much more…
0085 - Cubicle Reconfiguration - Services - Office Furniture San Jose


•  Budgeting Consultation >  No obligation investment info/budgeting
•  Delivery & Installation >  Professional inside delivery, assembly &
•  Design & Space Planning > On-site measurement, layout, design
•  Reconfiguration > Systems & Cubicle reconfigurations, relocation
•  Warranty Service > Warranty confirmation, parts & repair
•  And much more…
0086 - Promotional Products
0087 - Promotional Products

Promotional Products

•  Logo Shirts & Tagless T-Shirts >  Your corporate history on apparel
•  Pad Portfolios >  Capture your audience with their notes
•  USB Devices > Memory Sticks and Car Chargers
•  Promotional Sport Pacs > Brand boosting bags
•  Coffee Mugs > Start each day promoting your brand
•  Aluminum Sports Bottles > Environmentally friendly, promote your
    brand at leisure  •  And much more…

Business Supplies

•  Roll & Flat Files >  Keep large documents organized
•  Art Paper & Boards >  Get all your art supplies here
•  Cups/Plates/Tableware > Stock your break room
•  Hand Sanitizer, Eye & Face Protection > Keep employees safe
•  Scales, Mailroom Equipment > Speed mail in/out efficiency
•  Boxes & Bubblewrap > Save money, keep shipments secure
•  And much more…
Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch, provides office furniture, specialized paints and sound absorption coatings, outdoor furniture, office equipment, professional filing products and services throughout North Western California, from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco including the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  The primary service area of Indoff - Silicon Valley includes clients in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, San Mateo, Redwood City, South San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Fremont, Daly City, Milpitas, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Santa Clara.  Through associates, we also service all of Northern California and mid California coastal areas including Santa Barabara and San Luis Obispo.

If you are outside this area, please contact us and we can refer you to an office furnishings professional in your local area.

Conference Rooms
Reception / Lobby
System Furniture
Filing & Storage
A & D
Sustainability | LEED
0075 - Conference Room Furniture - Sit / Stand Conference Table
0076 - Desks, Casegoods
0077 - Receptionist Station - Lobby Furnture
0078 - Seating - Task Seating - Ergonomic Seating - Chairs & Seating
0079 - Systems Furniture - Cubicles - Low Height Work Stations
0108 - High Density Storage Systems - Filing & Storage
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