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Match the Storage Cabinet to what you are


You need to store stuff?  Use Indoff - Silicon Valley to be your
source for optimum storage cabinets matched to the things you
need to store. 

Many storage cabinet styles and sizes

Storage cabinets for office, clinics, gyms and industrial use come
in many types and designs. Typically one tends to think of metal
vertical file cabinets, or lateral file cabinets when thinking about
storage.  Of course there are other materials like laminates,
wood, glass (display cabinets), plastic, or combinations of wood
and plastic.  Here is a list of some of the types of storage
cabinets you will find from Indoff - Silicon Valley.

•  2, 3, 4, and 5 drawer vertical file cabinets
•  2, 3, 4, and 5 drawer lateral file cabinets
•  assembled vertical cabinets with see-through doors
•  display cabinets
•  high wardrobe cabinets
•  vertical jumbo cabinets
•  tambour door cabinets
•  specialty cabinets for large, flat files, museum
    specimens, security, weapons, etc.
•  mobile tubs
•  fire insulated cabinets

Typically storage cabinets used in industry can also be used in a
home office setting, a garage or basement setting, a clinic, a
doctor's office, class rooms, a factory, or an office.  Steel
construction has the advantage of keeping items stored in them
less vulnerable to moisture and insects.  Steel storage cabinets
are well designed to hide the nuts and bolts that hold them
together and reinforced to carry any load, whether light or heavy
duty. Many are welded, delivered in one piece.
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Wood veneer storage cabinets with hidden hardware and lock