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Furniture not upholstered

Casegoods: Furniture made from hard materials like wood, metal, laminate & glass

Casegoods is a term used for furniture that is not upholstered and is typically made of wood or laminates. Items of furniture, such as desks, returns, credenzas, hutches, bookcases, and cabinets, often with shelves and drawers, that provide interior storage space are known as casegoods.

You get a complete range of casegood options from Indoff - Silicon Valley.  Styles vary from traditional through contemporary to modern and high tech.  Our focus is on matching the casegoods' style with your organization's desired image, budget, and communication combined with effective workflow.  We will make sure there is adequate storage so that vital info is readily available, out of site until needed, and promotes an efficient organization.  Special emphasis is on encouraging and promoting collaboration where needed and quiet concentration areas as well.
0108 - Systems Furniture - Casegoods
0118 - Casegoods, Desk with Credenza & Hutch, U-Shaped Desk
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0114 - Casegoods, Finished Desks, Executive Desks
0115 - Casegoods, Desks, Management Desks, Laminate Desks, Wood Desks, Executive Desks
0119 - Casegoods, Executive Desk, Managment Desk, U-Shaped Desk, Laminate Desk, Veneer Desk
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