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The impression that is created on people coming into your office space or organization can affect your business in many ways. Create a bad impression and clients go elsewhere, new hiring prospects opt for your competitor, business partners are less engaged. There is also the impact that your business space is having on your own employees, their spirit and productivity.
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Acoustic Panels, San Jose on-line Gallery

Acoustic panels provide the simple yet important function of absorbing sound.  You can think of them like acoustical black holes - sound goes in and doesn’t come back out.  Acoustic panels won’t make the source of sound go away, of course, but cutting down on the harsh echoes and empty ringing sounds coming from the walls can make a big difference.  For flexibilty, Acoutic Art is available both in Non-Changeable panels and Changeable Image, aluminum-framed panels  Learn more... <click here>

Acrylic Art - What is the ideal space for acrylic art in the Bay Area?

Acrylic is a great way to showcase vivid images and bold color schemes.  The translucent nature of acrylic allows natural light to interact with and provide depth to the image.  Art on acrylic provides a very clean, contemporary look that presents well in modern spaces.  Learn more... <click here>

Art - Digitally printed onto Aluminum - Captures and Reflects Light

Digital files can be printed directly onto an aluminum substrate, thereby allowing a metallic finish to come through the image.  Aluminum substrate captures and reflects light to enhance the depth and color of the image.  Aluminum provides a very clean, contemporary look that presents well in modern Bay Area Offices and Silicon Valley high-technology spaces.
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Traditional Canvas Art - Gallery Wrapped, Framed or Float Framed

Any image that Indoff's partner (Great American Art) has the rights to re-sell and is high enough resolution for the desired size, can be created in Canvas.  There are millions of available images, and you can set up an online project for your personal selections.  We can also use images that you provide, so long as you have the right to reproduce the image and it is high enough resolution for the desired size.

Canvas art can be made three ways:  (1) gallery wrapped, (2) framed, or (3) float framed.  Gallery wrapped canvases are stretched over 2” stretcher bars, with a bleed covering all four edges of the piece.  Learn more... <click here>

Framed Art - For Business, Healthcare and Government Facilities

Our detailed process of selecting the highest quality materials available in the market for your location is driven by our desire to provide professionally crafted artwork, not the "assembly line" art you typically find the big box stores or other online retailers.  Our custom framing gives you hundreds of framing and matting options allowing us to create the perfect art for your environment here in the Bay Area.

We offer five frames types:  (1) solid wood, (2) composite wood, (3) polystyrene, (4) metal, and (5) float.  Frames are a major price component when designing art pieces.  Changing the type and profile of your frame can have a major impact on the price of the piece. 
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Murals - Transform a Wall into a "Big Effect" Inspiring Vision
Commerical Grade wallpaper coverings are a great aesthitic and economical choice.  Our wall coverings use inks and paper that are approved for all settings, including healthcare.  Whether for branding or for creating interactive are walls, mural art creates BIG effects.  Learn more... <click here>
Acoutic Art Panels control sound in San Jose Organizations
0394 - Acrylic Art enhances San Jose Offices
0395 - Art on Aluminum - Great for capturing and reflecting light
0396 - Art on Canvas enhances Silicon Valley Offices
0397 - Framed art for Healthcare, Governement and Business in Silicon Valley
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0398 - Mural Art for Big Effects Create a Huge Image
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