In Education, Indoff - Silicon Valley provides expertise for K-12, Colleges & Universities, and Private Schools.

Projects our staff has been responsible for range from individual school furniture pieces to all the high density mobile shelving and stationary library book collection shelves of a California State University library expansion, on 3 floors, with over 3 miles of book storage.

Larger projects could include student desks, teacher desks, lockers, staff desks, cafeteria seating, outdoor seating, classroom projector systems,  lab furniture, bleachers, auditorium & theatre seating, training tables, student records, break rooms, bike racks, and white/chalk boards to name a few.
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0148 - Education Expertise, K-12, University, Childer's Furniture
Education Furniture
Custom Whiteboard Top Teacher's Desk
Custom Whiteboard Top Teacher's Desk Barron Park Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA