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Ergonomics is the science of ensuring that a person’s productivity is maximized through the use of equipment specially designed to meet their physical and mental needs with a minimum of negative impact on their body. Ergonomics is about how the human body interacts with their work environment. By incorporating ergonomics into your office design.

Ergonomists understand the huge productivity benefits associated with ergonomic furniture and equipment.  While you may struggle with the cost it takes to implement ergonomic programs, consider the cost of lost work days, lower productivity, and potential physical injury that often takes years to show itself


How Indoff - Silicon Valley Can Help

Staff at Indoff - Silicon Valley has training and experience in person/equipment interface and seek simple, cost effective ways to provide ergonomic advice, workplace setup and when appropriate, workplace equipment.

Typical Ergonomic solutions include proper seat adjustment, proper monitor and keyboard positions and proper posture, and individualized lighting.  Plus, many would benefit from adjustable, person specific workstations (including sit/stand workstations) and timely stretching and movement.

Indoff - Silicon Valley does basic workplace ergonomic evaluations and can prepare a no-charge
Anthropometric Report (person specific) that defines ideal position of keyboard, monitor and proper task chair sizing.

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Anthropometric Evaluation
Anthropometric Evaluation
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