Besides being a commercial interiors supplier, Indoff - Silicon Valley has specific expertise in a variety of organization areas.  Those include corporate environments, government, healthcare, high technology, A&D, ergonomics, and sustainability/LEED.

Corporate Environments

In the
Corporate Environment Indoff - Silicon Valley provides expertise to legal firms, accounting firms, financial institutions, insurance, real estate, and manufacturing.

Government Agencies

Indoff-Silicon Valley has also provided services the
Governmental Agencies such as California State agencies, Superior Court, Court of Appeal, Counties and Cities.  When available, we provide services through GSA and CMAS contracts.  Professionals at Indoff - Silicon Valley have provided products and services to the Counties of Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey and Cities such as San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Monterey and Carmel.


In the
Healthcare Field Indoff - Silicon Valley provides products associated with patient, doctor and staff comfort with ergonomic seating, specialized patient’s seating, patient record keeping systems, cabinetry, waiting room furniture, doctor office furnishings, even fluid and blanket warmers and specialized white boards for patient/family communication. We even provide sound masking systems to help ensure a patient with a good nights sleep and preserve HIPAA privacy.

High Technology and

High Technology, you get very modern, collaborative supporting desking systems, inviting reception desks, outstanding conference room decor, and records management preservation and conversion service, high density mobile storage systems, and collaborate work environments.  We are particularly sensitive to the tight budgets of startups helping get the equipment you need to attract and retain key personnel and project an image of success from the start (or at least in the out-of-the-garage stage).

Architecture and Design Organizations

Architecture and Design (A&D) communities are supported by Indoff - Silicon Valley with budgetary information, product alternatives, and AIA certified continuing education credit (CE) sessions.  Contact us for current subject matter, schedules and availability.

Ergonomic Solutions

Indoff - Silicon Valley also provides a wide range of
Ergonomic Solutions.  Our staff includes Industrial Engineers who specialize in person/equipment interface. We do no charge workplace assessment, provide a unique ergonomic seating size specifically for the individual with personal measurements, arrange for sit stand workstations, provide ergonomically correct positioned monitors, and ensure that the workspace is set up properly.  We are often called upon to provide bariatric seating and seating for individuals with special needs.

Committed to Sustainability and Repurposing

Indoff - Silicon Valley is
committed to sustainability and repurposing equipment when possible.  In addition we clearly identify and use local manufacturers for LEED credit.  And we utilize products and materials that will get you LEED points on projects whenever possible.
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