For Governmental Agencies, Indoff - Silicon Valley provides expertise for the wide range of Federal, State, County, Cities and Agency needs.

Projects our staff has been responsible for include custom Court case files, judge and jury seating, high density equipment and tool storage, library staff workstations, fire station desks and storage, library patron seating, library lounge chairs, city staff office furniture, maintenance crew workstations, mail room systems, ergonomic seating, ergonomic equipment, park ranger storage and work areas, map and large format (E-size drawings) storage (including high density), high density side by side sliding cabinets, rotating cabinets, microfilm and microfiche storage, and docket records storage.

Government Contracts Available

When contracts such as GSA or CMAS are in place, we use those contracts to get our government agencies the best possible pricing and terms.
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0197 - Government Commercial Furniture, Jury Chair, Fixed Base, Rotating, Return to Original Position
0198 - Government Commercial Interiors - High Density Mobile Storage System
0199 - Library Furnishings
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0199 - Library Furnishings
Government Furniture