Indoff - Silicon Valley provides commercial interior products and
expertise to all segments of Healthcare providers. Since our focus
is helping you (healthcare providers) to align your facilities and
equipment with your strategic plans, assuming those plans
include increasing HCAHPS survey scores, our emphasis is on
improving the patient experience.  Patient experience is defined
by Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and
Systems (HCAHPS) survey measure. The Department of Health
and Human Services (HHS) has recently launched a new initiative
which will reward hospitals for the quality of care they provide to
people with Medicare.

To help, Indoff - Silicon Valley is researching and providing
products and services that will improve the patient experience. 

Improved Communication

For patient and family/friend communication, we recommend
patient room hospital/patient/doctor/nurse boards that quickly
and efficiently improve communication, especially in the multi-
language environment of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco
Bay Area. 

We have a sample we can bring you today.  Just call.

Cut Noise, Improve Patient Confidential Information

In response to one survey question that often provides less than
optimum results “Patients who reported that the area around their
room was "Always" quiet at night.”, we provide sound masking
systems that help.

As noise in hospitals continues to be disruptive for patients, you
as a caregiver are looking for ways to address unwanted noise.
Sound Masking systems from Indoff - Silicon Valley provides
continuous and consistent background sound designed to reduce
hospital noise distractions. This sound masking technology
dramatically contributes to patient satisfaction because it

Promotes sleep:  Promotes sleep and improves medical outcomes
Improves Confidentiality:  Reduces the intelligibility of confidential
Enhances Speech Privacy: Helps keep private information private

Check out the case study information here (click on image >> ):

Blanket Warmers, Fluid Warmers and I.V. Warmers

Indoff - Silicon Valley, provides blanket warming units ensure a
comfortable, pleasant patient experience and improve patient

These medical fluid and blanket warming cabinets promote
positive patient response that helps reduce recovery time;
ensures a comfortable, pleasant experience; and improves
overall patient satisfaction.
The fluid warmers keep solutions at the proper temperature and
are always available at body temperature -- without the added
expense of disposables and set-up time needed for in-line
warming systems.

And you can eliminate patient hypothermia with simple IV bag,
irrigation bottle, and blanket warming mobile and built-in cabinets.

Warmers are perfect for ASC, plastic, and general surgery
settings as well as the ICU, NICU, ER, clinics and other medical

Other healthcare related products and services

You can also get:
•  hospital carts,
•  lab cabinets,
•  pharmaceutical high density storage,
•  seating with anti-microbial surfaces,
•  doctor stools,
•  sit/stand desks,
•  lab stools,
•  staff ergonomic seating,
•  bariatric seating,
•  waiting room seating and tables,
•  wall mountable computer keyboard holders/monitor
•  equipment storage systems (chrome wire
racks/shelves/carts & high density supplies
   storage) ...
... to cut space requirements, improve efficiencies and improve
the patient experience.

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Patient Care Improving - Info White Board
Patient Care Improving - Info White Board
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See how Sound Masking can help your facility get better HCAHPS scores

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