High Density Mobile Storage Systems

Cut storage space by 50% with the same capacity

Silicon Valley and metropolitan business is space limited.  Office
space is valuable and finite.  If you need items at hand and yet
want to devote more space to people, an important strategic
concept is to use Mobile Storage Systems.  Instead of using fixed
shelves or files, you can cut space requirements by 50% to 60%
when you use high density, movable aisle, mobile storage

Types of items with high density storage solutions

Storage needs such as library books, industrial parts, retail
goods, file folders, office supplies, military, weapons, ammunition,
archival records, art collections, museum specimens, athletic
equipment, evidence, pharmacy, and hospital items take less
space to store when you use High Density Mobile Storage

From Indoff-Silicon Valley, you get:
•   Modular components for design freedom
•   Heavy-duty quality for long life
•   Easy assembly and disassembly
•   More standard sizes and styles
•   Recycled steel content (40%) and a document-safe finish
     with no volatile organic compounds harmful to the
•   A Limited Lifetime Warranty
•   Custom design assistance

Storage Systems Compliant with California Building


Indoff is particularly well versed in the unique build concepts
required for California.  We are thoroughly familiar with the
seismic building codes, anchorage and anti-tip specs, and ADA

Plus we have a long history of effectively working either directly
with you, our client, or prime contractors for both new buildings
and tenant improvements.  We provide wet signature drawings
and calculations required for permits (if needed) and our seismic
engineering service team can assist in floor strengthening
recommendations if installation is expected on upper floors or
above a sub building garage.
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