Unique Solution for Lifting and Tilting Hospital Beds

Unique solution for lifting and tilting of hospital beds

Safe and Easy way to tilt hospital beds.  This tilter makes it easy
to clean and maintain the bottom of the bed.  One person
operation.  Maintenance, such as changing wheels is super easy.

A specially developed Interthor Ergo-Tilt is shown in the hospital
of Gävle, Sweden. It is specially designed to lift and tilt hospital
beds, ensuring an easy access to clean the hospital bed bottom
and the electric motor, and to exchange and maintain the wheels
of the bed.

Ergo-Tilt is compact and very maneuverable, and can thus easily
be used in an elevator and other confined spaces.

The special Ergo-Tilt focuses on the working conditions of the
hospital workforce. When lifting and tilting the hospital bed with a
Ergo-Tilt, inappropriate working conditions are avoided. At the
same time, safety is in focus. The Ergo-Tilt has adjustable forks,
so that it can easily be adjusted to most types of hospital beds.
Clamping devices are delivered with the Ergo-Tilt, so that the
beds can be fixed to the Ergo-Tilt when lifting and tilting. The
clamping devices are specially designed to fit the specific hospital
bed to be handled.

To help, Indoff - Silicon Valley is researching and providing
products and services that will improve the patient experience. 

Important reasons for using an Ergo-Tilt:

•  Ergonomically correct working positions
•  Satisfied employees and less days lost through sickness or
•  The operator can lift and tilt beds individually, meaning a single
    individual can do the job instead of a team
•  Maintenance-free batteries; The Ergo-Tilt can be charged on
•  Increased efficiency in the work
•  Remote control makes control from the working position
•  Optimum product safety
•  Low maintenance costs and a long operating life
•  Short overall measurements ensure an optimum space
•  Assisted wheel steering on the one wheel ensures a high

Other stackers available to tilt and rotate boxes and other items.

... Contact Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch today to cut space
requirements, improve efficiencies, make the work space safer
and improve the patient experience.
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Healthcare Bed
Lifting and Tilting
Hospital Bed Lift and Tilt - in 10 seconds the bed is easilty tilted to approximately 80 degrees, ensuring good acess to carry out maintenace and cleaning of the bed bottoms
9 Second Video Tilter in Action
Logitilt bed tilter used in Swedish Hosptial - 39 seconds
39 Second Video
Shows ease of use in Swedish Hospital