Lecterns / Podiums

Give presentations with flair using innovative lecterns/podiums

Lectern Materials

Materials for lecterns include acrylic, acrylic/wood/metal mix, custom wood designs, standard wood, laminates, and metal in a wide range of options, widths, mobile, fixed or tabletop options, heights (including adjustable heights) and depths, with and without electronic storage, microphones, lights, and power/data.  You can also get systems with built-in spaces for laptops, tablets, and projectors. 
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Acrylic podiums - perfect for any modern business setting

Clear acrylic lecterns provide an unobstructed view of the presenter, adding a stylish podium to your public speaking needs.  These lecterns are cut from thick acrylic sheets to prevent cracking, and joined without fasteners maintaining its stability and clearness.

Tabletop podiums - at the touch of professionalism to any table

Tabletop lecterns are the ultimate in portability, functionality, and multimedia.  Tabletop lecterns come in many different materials to meet any presentation need.

Most tabletop lecterns can accommodate computers and projectors.  Get great multimedia presentation versatility with a tabletop podium.  Some units come with built in speaker amplifiers so that sound from your computer can be heard more clearly by your audience.

Contemporary podiums - focal point for greeting your guests

A wide range of modern and contemporary lecterns are available to you today from Indoff that integrates today’s contemporary design for modern décor.  Multitude of styles are available that are both durable and high-quality.  Many are enhanced with anodized aluminum uprights to help keep the lecterns lightweight.

These units typically have shelves, both fixed and pull out, the perfect place for laser pointer, notes, or a cup of water during your presentation.

Multimedia podiums - classroom and multimedia presentations

Fully assembled, versatile multimedia WorkStation carts, with locking cabinet doors provide secure storage base and easy access to your audio visual equipment.

Perfect for presentations in auditoriums, lecture halls, company training rooms, classrooms or hotels.  These units feature shells and storage areas that are large enough to accommodate a document camera projector or laptop.

Wood podiums, excellent for speeches and Sermons

Wood and podiums are the most traditional style of lectern, with genuine wood craftsmanship found in classic and contemporary styles.  Wooden lecterns and podiums have a variety of uses such as giving speeches and presentations, or as a focal point for meeting and greeting your guests.

Wood podiums serve a variety of purposes and would be a great addition as a church pulpit, lectern for a school, hostess stand, or a podium in a conference room

0274 - Acrylic Podium
0275 - Tabletop Lectern
0276 - Contemporary Lectern
0277 - Multimedia podium
0278 - Wood Podiums
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0292 - Lectern 0298 - Lighted Lectern 0275 - Tabletop Lectern 0304 - Table Top Lectern