Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

When you need outdoor furniture, aluminum gives you many advantages:

Lightweight:  Items are light enough to be carried but strong and steady to stand firm.

Durable: Aluminum is known for its resistance to rust and corrosion.

Design: Today cast aluminum makes possible intricate, attractive designs.  Fresh designs and minute details provide a special flair.

Weatherproof: Aluminum weathers well.  In withstands changes in temperature. Heat, cold, rain, sunlight and salt air does not affect aluminum. It is ideal for outdoor spaces exposed to the elements.

Low Maintenance: Aluminum furniture does not require much work.  Wiping a piece regularly ensures it is clean. And occasionally hosing it down makes them look as good as new.
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0179 - Aluminum Stacking Chair
0181 - Aluminum Stacking Chair
0182 - Aluminum Picnic Table
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Outdoor Aluminum Furniture
0181 - Aluminum Stacking Chair