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School and Classroom furniture needs to be sized properly and be extremely durable.  From Indoff - Silicon Valley, you get a broad selection of furniture, desks, folding tables, signage, combination sound suppression and PA system, marker boards, outdoor furniture, portable partitions, benches, auditorium seating and more.  We are a local source, ready to provide personal, on-site service combined with excellent post-installation support.

Furnishing schools is more than just picking items from a catalog.  You are personalizing your school.  Your selections should support and enhance the learning experience and teaching environment.  With proper choices, you give students, teachers and parents a sense of place, community, ownership, comfort, aesthetics and privacy.  Plus you can combine technology with ergonomics. 

Indoff - Silicon Valley can be your resource to get the most out of your overall plan.  Call us today.

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0160 - School Library with Wood Shelves
0161 - Classroom school furniture, student desks
0162 - Student Desks with easy chair-off-floor design
0163 - Athletic field aluminum bleachers
0164 - School Bike Rack
0165 - Portable, reversible white board
0166 - Interactive White Boards, Smart White Board, Movable
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Custom Whiteboard Teacher's Desk in Palo Alto Teacher's Desk - Kindey Shaped - Saratoga, CA

Teacher's Desks installed locally