All-inclusive Service

You get all-inclusive service in office and outside furniture and
equipment from Indoff - Silicon Valley.  You can depend on our
attention-to-detail project management to get space planning
project design, project management and installation. Our focus is
aligning your facilities and equipment with your strategic goals to
ensure furniture and equipment contribute to those goals.

Understanding Your Organization

Understanding how you work is the first step toward designing
the right work environment to fit your business and strategic
goals. Only then can we create facilities that enable your
employees to work at their best and allow you to focus on
satisfying your clients and growing your business.

Matching Products and Services to Your Stategic


A key service is to understand your organization’s goals and
finding the products that will help you reach those goals.  We
know the reputations of our suppliers through the collective
experience of our nationwide sales team (who don’t pull punches
with one another).  And we know the reputation of the products
we represent - from experience and often by personal visits to
their factories.

Budgets & Timetables

We are equally committed to budgets and timetables, providing
info for products within you expected investment and making
sure we can deliver in a timely manner.

From Indoff - You get:

   •   Project Management
   •   Design & Space Planning
   •   Furniture Selection
   •   Office Reconfiguration
   •   Budget Consultation
   •   System/Cubicle Reconfiguration & Moves
   •   Nationwide Corporate Account Management
   •   Financial Alternatives
   •   Web-based Corporate Standards Purchasing Site
   •   Delivery & Installation
   •   Nationwide Dealer Services
   •   Warranty Checks & Services
   •   Audio / Visual Systems
   •   Software Systems
          Asset Tracking Software
          Check In/Check Out Software
          File Folder Color Coded Labeling
   •   Document Imaging
   •   Custom Furniture
   •   Web Conferencing Systems
   •   Record Files Moves
   •   Top Tab to Side Tab Conversion
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