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Standing Desk Chairs and Counter Chairs

When employees use standing desks or need to work at counters, chairs with raised seats and built-in foot rests are often used when seating is desired, expecially if the user is up and about on a constant basis during the work day.

Manufacturers have responded to the need for raised seating by increasing the height of the chair's pedestal and typically adding a foot ring at the bottom to support the feet.

Indoff - Silicon Valley, provides an extensive variety of raised seating, standing desk chairs and counter chairs.

Executive Raised Seating

Counter height seating

is now available with first class, comfortable chairs with a wide range of fabrics & leather finishes.  Now you can get the benefits of a standing desk with the comfort and look you want when seated at the desk.

Counter height seating

is a good solution for staff use when interacting with visitors at the visitor's standing height.  The employee has complete access to the reception work surface or counter and can easily change between standing interaction and seated interaction as desired. Plus visitors are not looking "down" at the counter staff, but interacting at the same level.

Based on your raised chair needs, Indoff-Silicon Valley will help you discover choices that will achieve your objective.  Below are examples of raised chairs.
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Standing Desk Chairs - Raised Seating
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Standing Height Seating - Counter Height Seating - Raised Seating

Standing Desk Chair / Counter Chair Gallery

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Executive / Management
Raised Height Seating

Staff / Team Task
Raised Height Seating

Small Space, Factory Floor, Staff, & Team Task Raised Height Seating