Whiteboard Paint - ReMarkable™ Dry Erase Coating

ReMARKable™ is an amazing dry-erase coating that turns nearly any surface
into a whiteboard. The revolutionary ReMARKable™ Clear formula can be
applied directly on top of a painted surface, turning it into a dry-erase
surface without sacrificing your room's décor. Choose ReMARKable™ White
when a more traditional whiteboard look is desired. Either way, ReMARKable
is perfect for offices, homes, schools and any other place where functional
beauty is important. Plus, this whiteboard paint is safe, non-toxic and
practically odor-free. With ReMARKable whiteboard paint, you get a huge
canvas without wasting paper or dealing with messy chalkboards or expensive
white boards and dry-erase boards.

Turns almost any surface into a dry-erase board

ReMARKable™ whiteboard paint can be applied to nearly any painted surface,
drywall, plaster, metal, tile or any smooth paintable interior surface. (We do
not recommend using ReMARKable™ on plastics). One simple step turns
recommended surfaces into a dry-erase surface.

For surface prep, repair any divots, scratches or bumps on the wall so the
surface will be as smooth as possible. The better the prep, the better the

Once your surface is ReMARKable, you can write on it using low odor dry-
erase markers or apply stickers to it, then wipe it clean and do it again!

White Board Colors

ReMARKable™ whiteboard paint comes in both clear and white. For a
traditional white board effect, use the ReMARKable™ white over a previously
painted white substrate.

ReMARKable™ whiteboard paint is the only dry-erase coating that goes on
clear and never yellows. It’s available in white, too, if you prefer a
traditional whiteboard look. Perfect for offices, homes, schools and any other
place where functional beauty is important.

If you want to introduce any other color. first paint your desired color on that
area, then apply ReMARKable™ clear, and now you will have a beautiful dry
erase surface. ReMARKable™ white or clear works best when applied over
latex paint in a satin or semi-gloss sheen.

Whiteboard wall simple as applying paint

If you have basic painting skills, you can use ReMARKable. Mix the two parts,
use a smooth nap roller to apply it to the surface, wait 48 hours and ‘VOILA!’
- your surface is now ready to write on!

For best results, use a 1/4″ smooth nap roller.

With proper preparation of surface, we recommend applying one coat of
ReMARKable for best results. If you use a second coat, be sure to wait until
the first coat is dry (about 8 hours) but don’t wait too long - the second coat
should be applied within 24 hours. If you ever want to recoat a surface in the
future, lightly sand the existing coat of ReMARKable with 220 grit sandpaper,
remove debris, wipe with acetone and apply another coat.

Ready to Use in Hours - Not Days

Unlike other dry-erase coatings, ReMARKable’s amazing technology works
fast. Once applied, ReMARKable dries to the touch in 8 hours, and is ready to
be written on in 48 hours. Why wait a week to unleash your creativity?


With proper maintenance and normal wear and tear, ReMARKable retains its
dry-erase ability for 10+ years indoors before you ever need to recoat the
surface. It’s guaranteed not to crack, peel, stain, yellow or fade with proper
use and maintenance.

ReMARKable works best with low odor dry-erase markers. Erase it with a
micro-fiber cloth. To accelerate or enhance the cleaning process, use the
ECO-Friendly ReMARKable Cleaner. Spritz a small amount on the area to be
cleaned and wipe with a ReMARKable Cleaning Mitt or other micro-fiber cloth.
Then wipe with a towel saturated with water to remove any residue. Using a
paper towel, dry the surface and you’re ready to write.

Health & Safety
ReMARKable contains less than 50g/l VOCs. That means that ReMARKable
emits nearly zero harmful chemicals into the environment. ReMARKable is
also free of lead and asbestos. During application the use of a respirator is
recommended. For more information, view the manufacturer's Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Reports:
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